Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Holidays

Winter Wonderland
by Camille, in reverse chronological order.

On top of the Summit on Mt. Bachelor

This is the ice covered ski lift tower at the top of the highest lift on Mt. Bachelor in Bend OR.

Happy Camille with Jan

In pain Camille from her too small boots.

Waist deep heavy Oregon pow. Pretty sweet... but nothing like Utah's light and dry powder

Beautiful views everywhere

Brooks got the ultimate lego back-hoe toy

Relaxing after the long anticipated Tuesday Christmas

My dad made us a frame with a picture of Lucky, Cameron, and I on the Payette River. Lucky is looking straight at the camera with his paw clenched to the side of the inflatable kayak. My dad surprised us by ordering the picture from a photography company in Idaho, making the frame, and even attaching a canoe to the frame. Nice work Dad! I didn't know he was such a designer.

Sawyer and I enjoying the chaos

Crazy kids on too much Christmas candy

The crew enjoying ham and waffles. Angie and Kendra are both prego!

Christmas morning on a pretty pathetic ski and tour above some houses in Park City (the snow was really icy, packed, and sparse). We picked this spot so we could take Lucky. On the hike up we ran into a man with his dog on a leash. He said a moose with his baby tried to attack his dog, so after that we put Lucky on a leash on the way up to keep him safe.

Lucky chasing after Cameron

Cameron in his new sleek puffy jacket. He loves it!

Cameron surprised me with a new pair of skis! Well, the bindings and poles because the skis are still on back order. But the look awesome. They are a Rossi powder ski.

The result of our white elephant party

Little Eli pushing the boys down. She thought it was so funny.


Lauren making sweet pepper jelly with me before Christmas.