Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oregon Trip

After the wedding we drove to Eugene to hang out with my family. This is a trip to the fish market. Camille, me, Brandon, Jinx, Brooks, Julie and Jan.

Lucky quickly made some friends.

Walking down to Hobbit Beach near Florence, Oregon.

Josie pointing at Camille, me and ma.

Lucky was disappointed when he went for a drink.

Ma and Camille It was 90 degrees in Eugene this day and about 60 at the coast.

Camille learning why you need a wet suit to swim at the Oregon coast.

A sand hill we climbed up so we could run down.

Camille is darling.

Enjoying ice cream after eating fish and chips. We love vacation!

Visiting with my Grandpa Don and Nana Rae in Corvallis. We love you Grandma!

Lucky had just jumped off this log damn a minute ago but Camille thought he was moving too slow for the camera so she tossed him off.

Tubing on the Deschutes in Bend, Oregon's Old Mill District.

Camille and my mother on a hike.


Lucky showing off his jumping skills. A few minutes before, he stuck his landing onto the log in front of him and walked back to shore but this time he came up short.

Lucky, Camille, Jan and Jinx overlooking the Deschutes River.

Lucky met Oso, Morgan's 120 pound St. Bernard.


Kyle and Tina's adorable girls Hailey and Madison and Sam and Carrie's stud Colton.

Kyle and Jacob.

Camille, Tina, Jacob and Jan watching the girls put a on a dance party.

Lucky has been pretty bored since we returned to Salt Lake. He has to settle with guarding the roof for fun.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Simmi and Kevin's wedding

Brooks takes Lucky on a walk outside our hotel in Tacoma Friday morning. Cameron and I had just begun our 10 day adventure through WA and OR.

Brandon,(Cameron's brother), his wife Julie, Brooks, and Sasha the dog.
Lucky and I enjoying the park before we are off to one of the many wedding parties.

Tacoma bay viewed from Simmi (bride to be) parent's home. Not too shabby.
The festivities begin. This is one of the many traditions for Indian weddings. It has something to do with one of the three baths given to a person in their life... one at birth, another before marriage, and the last at death.
The women in Simmi's family sang some lovely songs and put yummy treats in the couples mouth. Guests are supposed kneel before them and put money in the couples clothing, and feed them, while their family sings a song.

Lucky's first night in a hotel. He had his own bed and wasn't so sure about sharing.

Ashley, Serena, Stephanie, Harrison, and I dressed in our Indian suits on loan from Simmi's family. This is Saturday morning at the Sikh religion Gurdwara Temple in Tacoma.
Kevin, Andy, Cameron, and Nick looking sharp.
Gallagher family looking good.
Brooks is styling in his Indian suit with matching orange croc sandals.
The boys covering their heads to show respect for the Anand Karj wedding ceremony.

I'm ready to give up my clothes for these colorful pajama feeling outfits.
Kevin the groom getting ready to ride in on his horse. Another tradition of Sikh weddings.

Cameron with his life-long friend Tim.

Family and friends led Kevin's Baraat procession leading him to his bride. Unfortunately the horse did not like the drumming so a relative pulled up his car and played some Bollywood music while we danced. Indians love to party, sing, and dance. They were so welcoming and fun to be around. And their food is so good! There was food everywhere. They provided light breakfast, then lunch after the ceremony, and dinner that night. I like to stick with the lamb and spinach dishes. Their desserts are really sweet and sprinkled with some silver looking decoration.

Before the ceremony starts the family's meet and introduce everyone and give gifts during the milni ceremony.
As you walk into the temple you go up to the front and bow before the holy book and make an offering of 1 or 2 dollars to show respect to the host community.

Girls on the left and boys on the right. You are supposed to sit cross legged so the bottom of your feet don't point toward the Sikh holy book.

The guru in the front talked a lot and there was a crew to the right on the floor who sang songs throughout the ceremony. It was a little ruff sitting for an hour and a half, but the Indians didn't seem to take any of the traditions too seriously. They chatted throughout and let kids run around and even answered their cell phones.

Kevin, Simmi in her elaborate outfit and her father.
After the ceremony we drove a couple of hours to Seattle and shared a room with Brandon and Julie at the Edgewater. It is a pretty swanky hotel on the bay that allowed dogs. There are photos of the Beatles fishing out their hotel window when they stayed here. This modern art park is a short walk from the hotel.

Lucky being artistic.

A quick picture before we jump on the elevator to the top of the building pier 68.

They decided getting married once was boring so here is round two. They did a great job of blending both Indian and Western cultures and therefore their wedding was full of lots of parties.
This is Simmi's second dress of the day but not the last!

Simmi's Henna. We had a great time at the reception after the second ceremony. Of course the food was great but more importantly the dancing was of the hook. Indians love to dance and everyone old and young gets involved.

Lucky's first salt water swim in the Seattle bay.
We had a great time catching up with the Brandon and Julie crew.