Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Christmas Time!

Pretty tree, pretty lights, pretty ornaments, and pretty girl.

Santa Kayden, Tyler and Tate playing blocks.
Clinton and Anthony practicing their glamor shot poses.
Chef Camille getting some help from Angie and Michelle.
Tyler helping announce that his family is expecting to adopt a newborn in May! CONGRATS!
Kayden showing Angie his sweet dance moves.
Kayden's back up dancers Tate, Tyler and Savanna bust their moves.
Kendra, Elle, Karin, and Travis enjoying Camille's Pad Thai and Gang Keow Wan Curry.
Alicia giving Michelle some TLC.
Angie and Anthony looking good in black.
White elephant gift exchange. Camille's Dad Lynn always finds some real gems in his basement. Chloe coined these gifts "gross-funny".
Michael, Elle, Kendra and Kayden checking out the gifts.
The kids zeroing in on the presents
Santa's Reindeer and Elf.
Grandpa teasing the kids with his new earings that match his Grinch tie.
Karin opening a present that is not "gross-funny".