Monday, July 27, 2009

Devils Castle Traverse

Two weeks ago Camille, Matt and I drove up to Albion Basin above Alta and traversed the top of Devils Castle. It was super fun and we slid down some snow patches on the way down.

We traversed the cliff band behind Camille from right to left.

Looking down on Secret Lake.

Looking towards American Fork Canyon.

The token summit mail box.

Matt checking out a cliff on the way down.

Looking back at the two peaks we climbed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oregon Visit

At the end of June Camille and I visited my family and friends in Oregon. The first night my folks had a family dinner at their house. Camille enjoyed hanging out with my Grandparents Nana Rae and Grandpa Don and my Uncle Jeff. My brother Brandon and his wife Julie and their 9 month old son Brooks were also in town. Over the next few days we did some family biking, hiking and sailing around Eugene. My mom also hosted a luncheon so her friends could meet Camille and Brooks. Then we headed up to Portland where my friend Wes and his wife Mary and their son Evan hosted a super fun BBQ so Camille could meet my friends who live around Portland. The next morning we rafted the White Salmon River in Washington across the Colombia River from Hood River. We ended Camille's visit with a much anticipated shopping trip to Trader Joe's Market. It was really great to have Camille get a chance to know my family and friends and for everyone I know to learn how wonderful she is.

My Grandma Nana Rae and Brooks

Julie and Brooks at the luncheon

Our hike up Spencer's Butte